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Folder Promotional materials for Abc Taxa [Restricted access]
Folder Volume 1: Taxonomie des holothuries des Comores
Folder Volume 1: Additional information
Folder Volume 2: Détérioration des collections de coquilles
Folder Volume 2: Additional information
Folder Volume 3: Taxonomy of Cryptocarya species of Brazil
Folder Volume 4: Guia taxonomica de los anfibios de Cuba
Folder Volume 5: Introduction to the taxonomy of the amphibians of Kaieteur National Park, Guyana
Folder Volumes 4 & 5: Related and additional information
Folder Volume 6: Sri Lankan Seaweeds - Methodologies and field guide to the dominant species
Folder Volume 6: Additional information
Folder Volume 7: The Bee Genera and Subgenera of sub-Saharan Africa
Folder Volumes 7 & 9: Additional information
Folder Volume 8 - Manual on Field Recording Techniques and Protocols for All Taxa Biodiversity Inventories
Folder Volume 8: Additional information
Folder Volume 9: Les genres et sous-genres d'abeilles de l'Afrique subsaharienne
Folder Volume 10 - Les champignons comestibles de l'Afrique centrale
Folder Volume 10: Additional information
Folder Volume 11: Naturalised and invasive succulents of southern Africa
Folder Volume 11: Additional information
Folder Volume 12: Guide taxonomique des oligochètes dulçaquicoles du Maghreb
Folder Volume 13: Bréviaire de taxonomie des acariens
Folder Volume 14: Liverworts and Hornworts of Rwanda
Folder Volume 15: The sawflies of Namibia and western South Africa (Symphyta, Hymenoptera)
Folder Volume 16: Diatoms from the Congo and Zambezi Basins
Folder Volume 17: Champignons comestibles du Haut-Katanga (R.D. Congo)
Folder Volume 18: A Guide to the Parasites of African Freshwater Fishes
Folder Volume 19: Field guide to the brittle and basket stars (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) of South Africa
Folder Volume 20: Taxonomie du genre Craterispermum Benth. (Gentianales - Rubiaceae) en Afrique continentale - Méthodologie de révision taxonomique chez les Angiospermes
Folder Volume 21: The Bumblebees of the Himalaya - An Identification Guide
Folder Volume 20: Additional Information
Folder Vol 22: Marine and Freshwater Sponges of Peru, Identification Guide