Folder Volume 18: A Guide to the Parasites of African Freshwater Fishes


Authors: T. Scholz, M.P.M. Vanhove, N. Smit, Z. Jayasundera & M. Gelnar
Date of publication:   2018
Number of pages:  
425 pp.
Language: English
Audience: Beginning and advanced taxonomists
Geographic scope: African Continent
Taxonomic scope: Fish parasites
Habitat type:  Lakes, rivers
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Suggested citation: Scholz T., Vanhove M.P.M., Smit N., Jayasundera Z. & Gelnar M. 2018. A Guide to the Parasites of African Freshwater Fishes. Abc Taxa 18: 1-425.


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PDF Volume 18: Cover and intro Download
PDF Chapter 1: History of fish parasitology in Africa Download
PDF Chapter 2: Fish as hosts of parasites, their ecology and sampling Download
PDF Chapter 3: Basic methods to study fish parasites Download
PDF Chapter 4: A systematic survey of the parasites of freshwater fishes in Africa Download
PDF Chapter 5: Host-parasite list Download
PDF Chapter 6: Evolutionary parasitology of African freshwater fishes Download
PDF Chapter 7: Prospects and recommendations Download